Annie’s | DRG

A member of the DRG publishing group, Annie’s celebrates home, family and the creative spirit by delivering exceptional products that enable creativity, nurture memories and uphold positive values.


  • Assess magazines and brand position in the creative and handmade market.
  • Update wholesale and consumer profiles.


  • Planned and executed market assessment.
  • Made recommendations for rebranding and positioning.
  • Devised a rebranding campaign targeting both retailers and consumers, leveraging the whole range of industry influencers: traditional media, digital and social media, consumers, and bloggers.




Hand Knitting


Wholesale Marketing Program
Consumer Marketing Program
Market and Consumer Profiles
Message and Story Framework


DRG used the information internally to assess the brand position and plan future actions. They developed visual and content-rich monthly marketing campaign programs for each publication with consumer engagement in the primary markets. Sales increased 15 to 20 percent.