“Have no fear of perfection. You will never have it.” Salvador Dali

I realized on my run last night I’ve been procrastinating the writing of this first post. I wanted it to be perfect. To capture exactly what it is I want to say. In one. Huge. Wasn’t gonna happen. Insightful no?

The first time – for anything – is always hard. It’s why we call them firsts. Which is gob smacking because I write a personal journal and don’t have the same issue.

I dug a little deeper on my run and realized vulnerability has been showing up too. Being vulnerable? Hard. Ironic, because if I was sitting face-to-face, talking to you I’d be engaging you in a conversation about how to empower your businesses voice and brand via a multitude of avenues and tools through a strategy and execution. And we’d be engaged! I’m not sitting across the table from you. That’s daunting. Not impossible. Just daunting.

Most people won’t read or even know this post went live. Meaning I’ve put more angst into less than 500 words than I should have.

A single post isn’t going to change the course of my career or you, the reader. It’s the sharing of knowledge that I’ve learned and earned the last 15+ years that might. I hope so. And no, hope really shouldn’t be a strategy. We’ll talk about that some time. Promise.

A single action (post) isn’t the end all be all for building brands and connecting. I know this. Have counseled countless clients and executives on the fact that it’s a series of actions that make up the whole, not the one thing. The key? Just start! Hard to remember ones advice at times.

Yet, connecting is hard to do – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, back end aggregators, software that let’s us see a full picture presents information as being – well perfect or darn close. We aren’t. It isn’t. I get it. And yet…

Instead of reaching for perfection, I’ll reach for starting.

There we go. First one? Done.