leslyLYN is a consultancy that provides marketing, product development, digital media, design & writing for the yarn and maker industries.


Hi, I’m Leslie Cumming, Principal Consultant and Maker.

I have a breadth of experience in the yarn, makers and apparel markets. I’ve consulted for independent creatives doing marketing and product development and was the U.S. Director of Marketing and Sales for Pear Tree Yarn. I was responsible for the launch of the company in the U.S. I was also the Marketing Manager for Zealana U.S and have worked for the iconic brand Pendleton as a knitwear and cut and sew developer in the women’s wear department. I live in Portland, Oregon, and love that I am close to friends and family in the Pacific Northwest.

Design Aesthetic & Style

When not working with clients I love to design custom knitwear and cut and sew knits. My style is clean and minimal; with a focus on design that is timeless and modern. I’m inspired by a balance of form, function, and colors that exude a sense of beauty, style, fit and purpose that are true clean design.


My journal is a chronicle of my journey to manifesting a creative business into being, working with others in the makers and apparel community. Of living a joyful, sometimes messy, balanced and authentic life.

My Through the Lens © photo series is a weekly snapshot of my love of life and the outdoors and making. They capture where I am and what I see.

All images and content are the original content of Leslie Cumming and leslyLYN ©. Please attribute use to either or both. Through the Lens 2011 ©.